Weekly Digital Art Contest Entry

Weekly Digital Art Contest Entry


From photo compositing to cg renders all works that are drawn, designed or manipulated digitally are welcomed.

Top 51% of entrants win cash. Weekly contests close every Thursday at 7pm EST U.S. and results are announced every Friday at 7pm EST U.S. If you enter at Thursday 7pm EST or later you will enter into the following week’s contest.

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The weekly digital art contest submission is $3.99. The top 51% receives $5.99, third place receives $9.99 and a certificate, second place receives $19.99 and a certificate, first place receives $39.99 and a certificate . Limit 10 entries per person. All entered images must be unique and owned by the artist who is submitting. Our reps quality control check all image submissions for copy right infringement. If your submission is disqualified you will receive a full refund of your submission fee. Open only to U.S. based bank or PayPal account holders. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.