Why Awards Beat Degrees Every Time

gold oscar like art-award-close-up-2098604.jpg

I know this sounds counterintuitive, but awards will trump a degree every time on a resume. Now don’t get me wrong degrees will get you a job, but someone with an award on their resume will out shine another person that doesn’t have one.

Consider that when managers review resumes for any given job they have to look through dozens or even hundreds of resumes and determine every quickly and accurately who is right for the job and who is not. That said, most managers simply scan resumes and don’t actually read them. When you scan you look for the high notes not the fine details and when you are looking through hundreds of resumes that all have the same degree, you look for resumes that have something special that make them standout. That is where an award comes in.

Awards are what define people, from Grammys to Oscars to Super Bowls award winning is the thing that people remember you by. Awards not only make you standout, because inherently very few people have them, but it also says you are the best and degrees don’t tell anyone that. Degrees say you are capable, awards say you are not only more than capable, they say you are the best and no matter what job you are going for you always want to look like the best.

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